Vehicle Performance,

Whether you are cruising the highway or traversing treacherous terrain, it all begins with power. The All New Pajero Sport is built to deliver, featuring an impressive engine, rally proven 4WD and a solid foundation that can take on any challenge - anytime, anywhere!

Dyanamic Power,

The 2.5 Litre diesel engine delivers an impressive 178 PS output. Using a common rail direct injection system (DI-D) for higher power and improved fuel efficiency DI-D feeds a high–pressure, precisely measured, fuel supply directly to the cylinders, ensuring each receives the optimal amount. Electronically controlled injection with feedback optimises fuel dispersion within the combustion chamber, allowing the system to make continual adjustments to always run at peak efficiency. The result is controlled power output with minimal emissions..

Direct Injection Diesel,

The Common Rail fuel system delivers a precise, steady fuel supply to each cylinder, enabling maximum output with minimum waste for better efficiency and emission reduction. The computer-controlled feedback system allows for continual adjustment, ensuring peak performance at all times.

Solid Foundation,

With on-demand 4WD for sure traction, a torsion-resistant rigid ladder frame for improved stability and durable suspensions for maximum balance, even the most forbidding terrain can be tackled with confidence.

Superior Terrain Handling Ability,

Some measure performance in seconds, some in millimeters. Pajero Sport measures it in obstacles overcome and goals reached. Because challenges come in all shapes and sizes. The Pajero Sport is designed to climb over and around the most formidable terrain.

Super Select 4 WD,

Mitsubishi's rally proven Super Select 4WD lets you move from smooth 2H highway performance to rugged 4H mode traction without breaking stride. With shift on-the-fly convenience up to 100km/hr, the right driving mode is always at your fingertips.

5-Speed Manual Transmission,

The 5 speed manual transmission is for those who prefer to feel the control only a stick shift can give. The smooth lever movement and intuitive placment make shifting easy and confident.