AWC (All Wheel Control)

More than a technology. All wheel Control is our guiding philosophy. Instead of only the front or rear wheels all four wheels are controlled independently to ensure superior handling in all driving conditions. Through years of experience and dominance in world off road rallies such as the Darken. Mitshubishi has made driver control top priority throughout design, contruction, and testing, resulting in continually improving technologies such as electronically controlled 4WD and our advanced 4-wheel independent suspension system. The lessions we learn in the world's toughest motor events go into the creation of Mitsubishi vehicles, providing driven with consummate control.
Style that's matched by performance.

Dyanamic Power,

The 2.5 Litre diesel engine delivers an impressive 178 PS output. Using a common rail direct injection system (DI-D) for higher power and improved fuel efficiency DI-D feeds a high–pressure, precisely measured, fuel supply directly to the cylinders, ensuring each receives the optimal amount. Electronically controlled injection with feedback optimises fuel dispersion within the combustion chamber, allowing the system to make continual adjustments to always run at peak efficiency. The result is controlled power output with minimal emissions..

Rgid Body with Lightweight Aluminium Roof Panel

Reinforcements to the front and rear of the already rigid body structure are ideally positioned to enhance the solidly stable handling Design optimization of exterior elements plus ideal use of sound insulators and other measures help ensure that the interior is a quiet, comfertable place to be Perfected on Lancer Evolution, aluminium roof panels are lighter than smiler steel plantes. adding to the sedan-like ride stability.

4-wheel Independent Suspension

OUTLANDER's Front MacPherson-strut and rear multi link suspensions offer confident handling on city streets and country frails. Ample wheel travel and remarkable ground clearance clear obstacles, and all-wheel independence combined with the rigid body structure deliver luxury class comfort and a smooth stable ride.

Large Tyres and Wide Tracks

Available 16", 5 spoke alloy wheels and wide tracks enhance driving stability and handling performance.

Minimum Turning Radius

A remarkably compact 5.3m minimum turing radius makes manoeuvring in tight confines - from parking lots to outland crannies - a breeze.